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Senior Leadership

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Prophet Torace D. Solomon is a seasoned entrepreneur, leadership consultant, and strategist from Dallas, Texas. He is happily married to Regineak Solomon and is a respected spiritual mentor to many.

Torace founded and leads Cultivate Hub DFW, an Apostolic and Prophetic Church located in the Cedar Crest community in Dallas, TX, which provides education and resources to empower communities and expand the Kingdom of God. Additionally, he is the Founder and President of Cultivate University, an online training organization that helps develop Ministry Gifts and Kingdom Marketplace Leaders.

Torace is talented at helping individuals discover their true purpose and guiding them toward achieving it. He is a sought-after speaker, clinician, and advisor, who has traveled the world, positively impacting the lives of those he encounters. His ministry is known for remarkable teaching, deliverance, and miraculous experiences.

Regineak Solomon is a licensed therapist and master communicator, she is passionate about helping others understand mental health and its significance in our everyday lives. From hosting and participating in educational webinars, trainings, and workshops focused on mental health, Regineak loves to teach organizations, groups of people, churches, communities, schools and universities how to create environments that foster healing and growth. Whether you are a religious organization, nonprofit or for-profit organization, or a school or university, Regineak would be honored to serve with you and for you.

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